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    Selling your used RV can be easy to very difficult depending on many variables.  Some of the most common are:

    • Is it priced right according to NADA pricing guidelines?
    • Are you the original owner of the RV?
    • Does the exterior still look new because its been covered or garaged when not in use?
    • Are all the “bells and whistles” working on the RV?

    If all of the above are in good order then you want to consider the audience that would be interested in buying it.  For example, a fifth wheel with 4 bunk beds is most likely not appealing to a newly retired couple looking to take it out a few weekends a year to get some quiet time together.  However, there might be the case where this may be appealing if they have young grandchildren that would be going with them. As a general rule, RV’s that are equipped with bunk beds are appealing to families with young children. Therefore, the “floor-plan” can be a big factor in an RV’s re-sale abilities.

    Other factors often overlooked by sellers are:

    • Is the RV a major brand where they can get service if needed?
    • Is there an extended warranty that can be offered with the sale?
    • Is there some type of RV membership that is transferrable to the new owner?

    Having peace of mind after purchasing a used RV is very important to the new owner.  Whether it is the first time they have owned an RV or they are stepping up to a nicer model, just knowing that they are not inheriting someone else’s headache goes a long way!

    The methods of letting know others that it is for sale are many, and some more effective and costly than others.

    Here at I Sold My RV Here our experts will give you sound advice and work with you to help you get your RV sold!



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