• Full-Time RV Living

    Full Time RV Living

    There are more and more modern day gypsies taking to the road leaving their former lives behind them. With the world being more hi-tech and recreational vehicles more equipped, one can enjoy almost all of the comforts of home where ever their RV will take them!

    Deciding whether or not to take the big jump and leave everything behind is not easy. There are things to consider with full-time RV living such as:

    • Selling your home
    • Getting rid of some or all of your possessions
    • Departing from a traditional lifestyle
    • Leaving friends and loved ones behind

    Selling your home can be an emotional experience as it holds memories and hard work from acquiring it and maintaining it for all those years . Therefore, selling your home so you can move into a box on wheels is a totally different level of an emotional experience.

    When it comes to getting rid of some or all of your possessions, it can be a difficult thing to accomplish. We have always been hunters and gatherers, and some of us have accumulated lots and lots of possessions.  The fact remains that there is only so much that we can take with us when we decide to full-time RV.

    Making a departure from a traditional lifestyle to a more nomadic lifestyle 100% of the time is an emotional adjustment. There are things to consider such as being around your partner in closed quarters nearly 24 hours a day.

    Leaving friends and or loved ones behind can be emotional, however a good fix can be inviting them for a week or two to a great location. Many full-timers report that, although they don’t see family as often, their visits are now longer and more memorable.

    It might be best for those who are not totally sure about taking the big step to take longer trips. Taking a 2 week trip and then returning to unpack may not be enough.  It might take a month long or if possible a year long adventure before selling the home and ridding yourselves of your possessions.

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