• Boondocking or Dry Camping


    Boondocking or Dry Camping are for those who don’t need, or don’t want to rely on any facilities to hook up to with their RV’s.  The word “bundok” (boondock) comes from the language of the Philippines meaning mountain. The general usage of the term boondocking in the RV world is often used to describe the function of camping without hook-ups.  According to the National Forest Service dispersed camping is the term used for camping anywhere in the National Forest OUTSIDE of a designated campground.

    The reasons for wanting to dry camp can vary from parking at a Walmart to sleep on the way to another destination, to spending extended periods of time away from everyone! Another reason to go boondocking is for the experience and or to save money by not having to pay for space in an RV park.

    If you decide to try extended time dry camping it is helpful to have the following:

    Other helpful things to do are changing the lights to LED light bulbs. LEDS run much cooler using up to 1/8th the amperage and installing an efficient 12 volt battery running roof vent fan to keep things cool.  One popular brand name is a Fan-Tastic Fan.

    Additional tips on Boondocking can be found on Gypsy Journal!

    Even though dry camping may not be for everyone, its definitely worth a try at least once!

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